We are a small company that was recently founded to use our love and passion for Spain to help you experience the motorcycle holiday of your dreams...... We don’t take ourselves too seriously and instead focus on your holiday!!



Hartmut, tour guide
Hartmut has been a passionate motorcyclist for over ten years. Two years ago, he came down with incurable Harley® fever. Hartmut will be one of your tour guides this week. He will also be responsible for the maintenance and upkeep of the motorcycles as well as the legendary “Harley® feeling”.

Before he and his daughter decided to turn their passion for motorcycling into a profession, he was a medical practitioner and psychotherapist. When he was younger, he lived for nearly three years in Australia and managed to survive the Tasmanian bush. With him leading the way, you can be sure that you’re in good hands.


Ruth, owner, organisation, tour guide, graphics/advertising
Ruth plans the tours and makes sure everything runs smoothly. But above all, she is a passionate Harley® rider. After five years of working as a product and graphic designer, she realised that she did not belong behind a desk. She then became a tour guide, but then realised that something was still missing, namely her Harley®. Along with her father, she decided to turn their passion into a career and Blossom Coast Tours was born. “I look forward to working behind the scenes and on the road to ensure you have a fun-filled motorcycle holiday. Let it roll!”

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