What is the technical condition of the motorcycles?
We only use motorcycles that are in perfect condition. They are inspected by ITV, the Spanish equivalent of the MOT. All motorcycles are carefully maintained and subjected to ongoing technical checks. 

What about helmets?
We have helmets in various sizes. If you don’t bring your own helmet (which we do recommend because your own helmet will fit best), please let us know at time of booking and we will have an appropriate helmet ready for you upon arrival. There is a one-time €20 helmet fee payable on site. 

Do you accept any EU driving license?
We accept all valid EU/USA driving licenses for the use of our motorcycles. Exemptions may arise if the country in which the license was issued does not correspond to the holder’s nationality (e.g. German citizens with a Polish license). Such cases require individual application.

Do I need a Class A motorcycle license in order to use the motorcycles?
Do I need a Class A motorcycle license in order to use the motorcycles?

Is there a minimum age to be the driver of a motorcycle on your guided tours?
The minimum age for participating in guided tours is 25 years + Class A driving license, with at least 3 years’ of driving experience and experience in dealing with heavy-duty motorcycles

By participating in the tour, you agree to adapt to the group’s driving style and choices and act according to the instructions of the tour guides. In the case of inappropriate behaviour, excessive consumption of alcohol, or the misuse of material provided, we reserve the right to exclude you from the tour without further notice. In such cases, you will not be entitled to a refund of the price of the tour.

Do I have to book online, or can I also book by telephone?
You can also book your tour by phone. After we receive your payment, we can also send you a booking confirmation by post. 

Why do I have to pay a deposit?
The deposit serves as a confirmation of booking. Your deposit guarantees your booking.

How much is the deposit?
When you sign the contract, a deposit of €250 per person is due within 10 days after receipt of your tour confirmation. 

When is the final payment due?
The balance needs to be transferred no later than 20 days prior to arrival. 

What is required when paying from a non-euro account? 
The deposit must be paid in Euro without any fees deducted.

Will I be charged any additional costs?

  • petrol costs (if you do not use one of our machines)
  • insuring your own vehicle
  • snacks, meals, and drinks (breakfast is included in the tour price)
  • individual activities and excursions that you book with us after arrival or undertake on your own.
  • parking fees, tolls, fines etc.
  • pick up from the airport (if desired); cost will be indicated when booking and is payable with the balance of the package price.
  • deposit for the package motorcycle, paid by credit card or cash (€500)

In which cases will the deposit be retained?
The deposit will be partially or completely retained if there is any loss or damage to the key or accessories, collisions and/or accidents for which you are responsible, not following local traffic rules, or wanton acts of destruction

Is the price of petrol included in the guided tours?
Petrol is only included for the motorcycles obtained from Blossom Coast Tours, not for your private vehicles. The entire group fills up together; the fuel stops are planned by the tour guide.


Is there a tour briefing?
Yes. Every morning after breakfast, the day’s tour will be discussed. Can individuals who don’t ride a motorcycle also participate in the tour? Of course, we have a special programme for you: You, She & Your Harley®. Your companion not only gets to “comes along” but also enjoys his or her own programme. After you finish your tour, the two of you can enjoy your holiday together. Can I participate in the tour with my own motorcycle? Of course, but you are responsible for transportation, insurance, etc. However, we are happy to help you make suitable transport arrangement. You can also join our tours even if you don’t ride a Harley® – we welcome all choppers. 

How many participants per tour?
We have the best experience with small groups of up to eight participants; this ensures that all participants receive the best care.

What distances will be covered in a day?
On average, we ride between 150 and 200 km (90-125 miles) a day. Exact details can be found in the detailed tour description you will receive upon arrival.

What do I need to bring along?

  • passport
  • for participants from the EU, a passport is not required for Spain but is recommended; for participants from non-EU countries, a passport is mandatory.
  • driving licence (to drive our bikes, you must have at least a Class A or equivalent license).
  • health insurance card (valid abroad; if possible, private hospitals should be covered)


  • protective motorcycle gear:
  • helmet, motorcycle boots, motorcycle rainwear (easily storable suits are best to transport), sunglasses, gloves (particularly recommended in autumn and winter)
  • comfortable athletic clothing (for women)
  • comfortable shoes, athletic shoes
  • beach towel, swimwear (required at the spa)


  • mobile and charging cable
  • alarm clock
  • credit card (valid credit card for the deposit of €900 euros or the cash equivalent)

Not included in the price:

  • lunch and supper, except for the farewell dinner
  • beverages, except for the welcome cocktail
  • petrol costs if you ride your own motorcycle (about €120 in total, depending on model)
  • parking fees
  • other toll road or charges not related to the tours

If you have forgotten something, there’s no need to worry. There are several shops near your hotel/apartment.

Travel documents
You will receive your travel documents and a list of things to pack approx. 10–14 days before departure but only after we have received your payment in full. Along with your travel documents, you will receive information about our destination and useful tips. 

It is advisable to take out travel insurance. You should also take out an international health insurance policy as well as a travel insurance policy for your own motorcycle. We have provided a selection of links to help speed up your search, however, we make no warranty about the services offered by third-party providers.




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