1. Entering into a travel contract

Upon registration, the customer enters into a binding agreement with Blossom Coast Tours, hereinafter referred to as the organiser. The registration shall be made in writing to the company address:

Apartado de Correos 283, 12580 Benícarló or via email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

The contract is created upon its receipt by the organiser. Acceptance requires no specific form. Immediately after the contract is created, the tour participant (customer) shall receive a booking confirmation.

2. Payment

With the booking confirmation, the customer will receive an invoice from the organiser to be paid as follows (without any deductions for transaction fees):

- A deposit of 20% of the total amount shall be paid within 10 days of the booking confirmation.

- The balance shall be paid no later than 20 days prior to departure.

3. Services

The services covered by the contract are those listed in the offer sent to parties interested in booking a tour.

The tour operator shall be bound to the information contained in the specifications. Before agreeing to enter into the contract, the organiser reserves the right to make changes to the product description. The traveller will of course be informed of this before the booking is confirmed. If individual services cannot be provided, the tour operator reserves the right to replace them will similar offerings that fulfil the purpose of the advertised trip as closely as possible. The customer will be informed of these changes, usually with the booking confirmation. If the price has consequently changed, the customer will receive a new offer.Please note that a motorcycle trip requires more cooperation from you than a conventional holiday package. Many factors are not predictable and cannot be completely planned in advance. We count on your understanding of any necessary changes.If, despite confirmation, the single room you booked cannot be provided, you will be refunded the extra price pro rata.

4. Services and price change

Any changes to the services offered that become necessary after the contract is created and are not made by the organiser in bad faith are only permitted if they are not substantial and do not affect the overall design of the tour. Any warranty claims remain unaffected. The tour operator is obliged to inform the customer about any changes to the services. If the change to the booked service is substantial, the customer is entitled to withdraw from the contract without penalty. The customer shall indicate the reasons for his withdrawal and provide his notice in writing.

5. Cancellation by the customer, rebooking, substitute participants

The customer may withdraw from the tour at any time prior to departure. In the traveller’s best interest and to avoid misunderstandings, we recommend submitting cancellation notices in writing.

If the customer withdraws from the contract or fails to participate in the tour, the tour operator can demand compensation for the travel arrangements made and for any expenses incurred. The actual services of the tour operator are used to calculate the compensation. The following cancellation costs shall be required:

- from the payment date to 31 days prior to departure: 10% of the package price

- 30 to 15 days before departure: 30% of the package price

- 14 to 8 days before departure: 50% of the package price

- less than 8 days prior to departure: 100% of the package price

If the customer does not show up or is late for the departure, the price shall not be refunded. If the customer misses the return journey, he must organise it himself. He is not entitled to demand any compensation from the organiser.

Moreover, you are entitled to prove that the losses we have incurred are less. Rebooking of dates or destinations are possible only by withdrawal from the existing travel contract and subsequent new registration. We recommend that you take out travel insurance.If a third party enters the contract, he or she shall be jointly liable for the price. Additional costs will also be incurred. In the case of a cancellation, the tour operator may charge the additional costs.

6. Unused services

If the customer does not make use of services because of a premature return or other compelling reasons, the tour operator shall endeavour to reimburse the expenses saved. This obligation does not apply if a refund is contrary to legal or regulatory provisions.

7. Cancellation by the tour operator

If the minimum number of participants is not reached (2 riders), the organiser can cancel the tour up to 30 days prior to departure. In this case, the customer shall be notified accordingly, and the amount paid shall be refunded. Further claims are excluded.

If a tour must be cancelled for reasons that are outside of our control (e.g. acts of force majeure, strikes, terrorist attacks, accidents, illness or accident of the tour guide, and disasters), the participant shall be refunded in full. Further claims are excluded. We also reserve the right to terminate a tour for the reasons listed above. In such a case, the price of the outstanding travel days (excluding possible flight costs) shall be refunded pro rata. Further claims are excluded. In the case of dangerous or disruptive behaviour during the journey as well as disregard of traffic regulations, individual participants may be excluded from the trip by the tour operator or authorised tour guides. As a result, there will be no refund of the travel costs and/or costs of renting the motorcycle.

8. Liability

The tour operator is liable for the conscientious travel preparation, careful selection and monitoring of service providers, and the accuracy of the specified travel services.

The tour operator is liable for any fault of the persons responsible for the provision of services. However, the tour operators do not accept liability for any fines or violations of traffic regulations of the destination country, even if the tour guide was at fault.

By registering, each participant confirms that he is in possession of a valid driving license. He rides his vehicle at his own risk. He also assures that his vehicle complies with the provisions of the Highway Code and traffic regulations in each country. The tour operator does not settle any other insurance policies for the participant.

9. Limitation of liability

The tour operator limits the liability for non-physical damages to the customer to three times the package price if the damage caused by the tour operator was not caused by intent or gross negligence. The restriction to three times the tour price shall also apply if the tour operator is responsible for the loss or non-physical damage incurred.

10. Liability and weather

Depending on the season and weather conditions, the organiser reserves the right to change routes or itinerary as necessary. The organiser shall not change the character of the tour endeavour to provide similar services.

The tour dates are chosen so that the weather conditions for a motorcycle tour in this region are as favourable as possible. The organiser is not responsible for any inclement weather conditions. The participant is therefore not entitled to a refund of the tour and rental price.

11. Dangers of motorcycling

By registering for travel, the customer expressly agrees to the following statement:

I am fully aware of the dangers of motorcycling. I undertake to observe the traffic rules of the individual countries, to comply with the rules of group travel, and to harm neither man nor nature through my behaviour or the condition of my vehicle. I am basically healthy, meet the demands the tour puts on me, and own a valid driving license. The wearing of adequately protective clothing is my own responsibility.

12. Travel insurance

There is no travel insurance included in the travel price unless this is explicitly stated in the specifications. We strongly recommend purchasing trip cancellation insurance for every trip.

If you have private health insurance, this usually covers travel abroad. Check with your insurance company.

13. Place of jurisdiction

The court of jurisdiction for both parties is Cálig (Spain).

14. Organiser

Blossom Coast Tours Carretera Calíg-Sant Jordi s/n, km 2.012589 Calíg (Castellón)

NIF: X5988068H

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